Investing in Vertical Market Software Companies. Everything your business needs to build a bright future.

Our Philosophy

We invest in companies to hold and grow forever.

Romulus manages and invests in mission-critical software companies across the globe, with a focus on the long-term success of our companies and the leaders who join us.

Every investment we make is for the long haul.

Our Ecosystem

With scale comes opportunity





Romulus offers operational guidance, access to capital to accelerate organic growth, and the experience needed to scale software companies of all sizes.

While our businesses run independently with a core focus on the customers they serve, our ecosystem of technology companies, functional expertise and knowledge sharing networks provide limitless opportunities for collaboration and growth.

As part of the Perseus Operating Group of Constellation Software Inc. (TSX.CSU), Romulus is backed by decades of unparalleled experience acquiring, managing, and building market-leading software brands in vertical markets.

“While other purchasers of businesses seek economies of scale through centralization, we have taken the opposite approach. This enables the General Manager of the business to be empowered and remain in control of all levers necessary to guide his/her business.”

Mark Leonard | President, Constellation Software Inc.

Investment Criteria

We invest in industry-specific businesses across a growing number of verticals that meet the following criteria:

  • Mission-critical: Software that solves a significant operational need for the industries it serves and has low customer attrition. 
  • Vertical Market Focus: Strong market share in niche markets. 
  • Annual revenue from $3M to $100M+: We value potential and invest in companies of various sizes. 
  • Strong tenured customer bases with low customer attrition. 
  • Mature companies looking to sell 100%. 

Digital Marketing

“Becoming a part of Romulus has allowed us to pursue organic growth through our traditional channels but also access the 800+ CSI businesses to create new sources of mutual growth and value.

Romulus provides access to other successful leaders to openly share best practices and make use of a large repository of best practice documents that have been proven to address specific financial or operational issues.”

Data Services & Real Estate

“Being part of Constellation Software, Inc. and Romulus has been integral to Constellation1’s success. It has given us the capital and expertise to acquire competitors and other providers in the sector.

Being able to collaborate with others within Romulus has helped drive our organic growth initiatives. We share best practices, ideas for new features and industry trends. It helps us be faster to the market and make better decisions.”

Residential Real Estate

“What makes CSI and Romulus the right fit is that they are investors with a buy-and-hold philosophy, but give you the leeway to run your operation, and encourage ownership and critical thinking.

It’s helpful having the broader team to run things by and capture best practices. Generally, in the broader group, someone has some experience and can help in most areas. Very valuable.”

Steven Ryczek

“The experience and expertise of the folks who were engaged in our acquisition and thereafter confirmed that Romulus was the right fit. Everyone was extremely supportive throughout the entire transition process—and continue to be today, over two years after the acquisition.

Romulus has helped me turn what was once barely profitable into a thriving, highly profitable business.”

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